Mustang: The “Need for Speed” model car

Dream Work Studios’ Need for Speed chooses the 2015 model of Ford Mustang GT as the hero car. But this isn’t just a random choice. It was carefully made to fulfill all the functions of speed, style and exquisite performance. How so? We all know what Mustang is best known for: Its stylish frames and its powerful engines. This GT model is also all about elegance and performance. It was especially selected for the character of Toby Marshall, performed by Aaron Paul, who drives across the country to avenge the death of a friend and to redeem himself. Scott Waugh, the stunt coordinator especially chose this company because, as he has seen it before, this car not only gives an edgy personality to the driver, it also depicts the American culture.

2015 Mustang GT

What makes this car so great? 2015 Mustang GT has a V8 engine with a massive horsepower of 420 and 390 lb.-ft. of torque. This gives a wild roar to the engine, which we all love to hear in a car movie. The sinister mien of the car makes it look like it’s ready to kill even when parked still; and when the engine starts, the audience knows something’s going to happen. And that’s what an action movie is all about. It should keep its audience at the edge of their seats making them expect an exciting event on every turn. “Few cars inspire the sort of passion Ford Mustang does,” says Steve Ling, the Ford car marketing manager. “This is the first time anyone will get to see the new Mustang in a film, and ‘Need for Speed’ embodies the spirit of what Mustang is all about,”

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Published on: March 7, 2014

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