The Mini had created a new design named as Mini Vision that will be laced with a range of futuristic design and technology elements. The idea of the new and innovative design is presented  by the new chief designer of the Mini, Anders Warming, the great personality who drew the idea of the BMW i8. Obviously, the Mini Vision is a car not an aeroplane so the basics and proportions of this vehicle will be the same like other road cars, but in a unique manner. The Mini vision is highly conceptualized and so it will eliminate the traditional door shut lines, B-Pillars and will get a decadently curvaceous windscreen. The Mini Vision will feature lots of the future oriented components that you have never been seen on any current or past Mini model.

MINI Vision

The images of the new Mini Vision are offered to the internet however, the real world model of this future Mini will surely be different in various aspects complementing the concept that is of course not shared completely. Following are some features that we will see in the future Mini Vision. The future focused Mini vision will get certain cues from some old/classic Mini’s such as the new Mini will feature a hexagonal radiator grille from the Classic Mini. Other features are Elliptical full LED headlights whose outer emit a continuous light that will act like daytime running lights. The car will be constructed from a lightweight material that is “Organo Metal”. The top of the car has a wraparound chrome strip making it stylish and elegant compared to the current models.

For the inside of the Mini Vision, the designer has also sketched a future oriented and technologically advanced style, equipments, functionality, aesthetic appeal, comfort and visibility. The interior will be built on a transparent open cockpit formula that will allow the driver and passengers of the Mini vision to experience the feel and comfort of a space saving Mini. The cabin will not only bring a feel of spaciousness but at the same time will have a unique ambience and sophistication. The Mini Vision will have “Elastic Fabric straps” inside of the doors that will look like Union Jack Flag and the driver and Passengers will be able to use these elastic fabric straps to retain different devices like drinks bottle, mobile phone, magazines, newspaper etc for easy access.

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Published on: August 6, 2013

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