Mercedez-Benz said Good Bye to Cable Clutter with the Introduction of New Wireless Charging System

The wireless connections for cell phones in cars is standard these days through which the driver can receive calls, send and read messages, voice control etc, however, one problem is still there that the user needs to have a cable to charge their cell phones. A good news for all those who want to get rid of cable clutter in their car for charging cell phone is that the Mercedes-Benz will equip all its vehicles with an all new wireless charging system named “Qi”. The technology will apply to the Mercedes-Benz vehicles for the next year.

Mercedez-Benz New Wireless Charging System

The term Qi is a standard term that defines the wireless charging system for cell phones throughout the world and tablets and is defined by the Wireless Power Consortium. The Smartphones and tablets compatible with the new Qi technology needs to be placed in the vicinity of the charging station such as the glove compartment or center armrest and the charging will began in a few seconds automatically. The charging process will stop automatically when the battery is full or you remove your device from the vicinity.

The Consumer Electronics For Automotive (CE4A) endorsed the Qi wireless charging technology as the charging standard in passengers vehicles worldwide. The CE4A is an automobile manufacturers association that deals with the integration of cell phones and tables in automobiles and set standards for the convenience and comfort of the car occupants. From the 2014, the Mercedes Benz will equip its cars with the new Qi technology.

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Published on: September 8, 2013

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