Mercedes Benz S-Class 2013 – The Most Advanced Car Ever

Do you know which is the most Advanced Car running on the roads these days? Well, Mercedes claims its new launch S-class 2013 to be the most advanced and luxurious car ever. Enthusiasts have proved the validity of this statement by saying that it is an icon for quality, comfort, safety, technology, security and performance. It is said that it is even able to drive itself. It provides a luxury environment and a standard of finish. The level of quality and accuracy provided at the time of designing this car is just perfect. Because of all these factors and many more, the car holds the top rank in the world of luxury cars. It has won 1st position in the list of top 10 Super Luxury Cars and again topped the race of Hybrid Luxury cars.

Mercedes Benz S-Class 2013

The level of technology used in the vehicle overshadows the technology available in other cars of the same class. The luxurious cabin that is provided with enormous leg space provided the most comfortable journey on all sorts of roads. Known for its overwhelming performance and out of the world luxurious interiors has made 2013 S-class stand out in the tough competitive world of luxury and hybrid cars. Many of the test drivers say that the sober cabin, the classy interior design, the fabulous styling done by the experts makes it a great choice for them. The interiors are made out of high quality material and the seats are extremely comfortable with abundance of space. One of the peculiar feature of this car is its massaging front seats that forms a standard in the 2013 model. This is quite an impressive attribute loved by the high class people. The design is the perfect combination of old style but modernized according to the latest trends. Also, the cabin is brought out in such a way that the outer noise does not penetrate inside it hence giving a quiet and peaceful ride to the passengers. According to the consumer guide, “Slick, quiet, and built like a tank, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class continues to define luxury motoring. Unfortunately, this is one of the oldest designs in the premium-large-car class. As such, some of the technology and control interface systems are a step behind this car’s more modern contemporaries.” The pure design, metal that is used and the material used is soothing in its feel. The seating of the seats is fundamentally better as the drivers sit in the seats and not on the seats. The design from front dashboard to the rear orchid is outstanding.

Mercedes Benz S-Class 2013 - Rear

Talking about the powerful engine choices provided in the vehicle, it is available in six different engines. Ranging from the V6, which is turbocharged, in the S350 BluTec to the twin turbo V12 in the S65. According to the drivers, S350 Bluetec has an enormous power and it comes with a seven speed automatic transmission system. The transition between the speeds is quite smooth. S350 model hits 21/31 mpg on the highways and city area and is known to be far better than other luxury cars. If you are looking for more power than this, you can opt for S550 model which has a twin turbo V8.

Apart from looks and powerful engine, there are many other features that are worth mentioning. The LED arrangement is phenomenal. The lumbar support, the massaging system and other gadgets are the reason why owners take a pride for this car. Other than this, there is a rearview camera, four zone automatic climate control system, panaromic moonroof, fully ventilated and heated seats, a high tech stereo system that comes with a CD/DVD system, Bluetooth device, an ipod interface, folding mirrors, trunk lids, ambient lighting, blind spot monitoring system and also a lane departure warning system.

The only point that can be worked on is the complicated handling of the cabin gadgets – the audio system, the infotainment systems and other cabin electronics are not that user friendly.

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