Measuring Up: How Much Space Do You Need In Your Pick-Up?

pick-upIf you’re thinking of investing in a pick-up truck, then the chances are you’ve got a specific function in mind for it. Whether it’s towing something heavy, helping your business cope with demands, or just something you’d like to be able to take into the great outdoors whilst loaded up with goodies, space will be important.

When measuring up a pick-up before committing to a purchase there are many things to think about, but how can you tell how much space you need?

Type of use

To begin with, you need to consider what sort of use your pick-up will get as this determines how much room you need. Small pickup trucks can actually tow a surprising amount of weight, comfortably accommodating anything up to about 3.5 tonnes.

They often have ample room in the rear for lighter tasks such as transporting tools or building materials and compact pick-ups are also perfect for anyone living in rural areas and who need a no-fuss way to transport smaller items that will not fit into the boot of a standard vehicle.

Business or pleasure

Another thing to consider is whether a pick-up will be used for your work or simply for recreational hobbies. The standard size for the rear of a mid-sized pick-up is 5ft x 5ft, which offers a practical space for transporting much bulkier items such as sheet metal, wood and other heavy materials.

The great thing about this is that if you find yourself in a trade which requires the safe transport of bigger items, they can be laid flat. With a smaller pick-up, materials of larger sizes often must be angled and balanced on the rear of the cab which can increase the risk of accidental damage. This is why measuring your materials and comparing them against cargo space dimensions for pick-ups is essential.

If using a pick-up for recreational hobbies then you must once again measure the items you intend to carry in your vehicle and compare with the cargo space that’s available. For quad bikes to camping gear and sports equipment, you may be surprised at just how much space you need.

Room for expansion

For businesses that require a fully comprehensive solution to transporting larger items and materials on a day-to-day basis, larger pick-ups are the best option. They are also perfect for industrial refuse or rubble that might need to be transported or removed, as they are not only very durable, but able to manage large weights easily.

Usually they are able to carry goods in excess of 1000lbs. This means that if you are already an established business that has outgrown the ability to rely on smaller means of transportation, then a large truck is the best option.

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