Making Sure your Used Car isn’t Stolen

It is very important to make sure that the used car you are considering purchasing isn’t stolen, because, if it is, you will lose it and probably all the money that you have paid for it.

Every vehicle has a VIN or Vehicle Identification number. This unique number is quoted in the car registration document and it appears on the car under the bonnet. A car thief is very unlikely to have obtained the correct registration document for the car so theoretically it is easy to spot a stolen car because the two numbers do not match.

Unfortunately, car thieves are now turning to what is known as VIN cloning which is a kind of car identity theft used to pass off stolen cars.

There are a number of ways of cloning the VIN. One is to forge a new VIN plate and replace the legitimate one with it. The other is to forge the registration document, which, with modern technology, is not very difficult.

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Therefore, we need to consider factors other than the VIN and look at other signs that a car might be stolen are:

  • The car is being offered at a price that is significantly lower than that of similar models.
  • Often, the VIN also appears etched on the car’s windows. These are difficult and expensive to replace so always check that this number matches too.
  • Carefully inspect the registration document. It is not always easy to detect a counterfeit one, but sometimes there are obvious signs.
  • If you have any concerns that the car might have been stolen, then order a vehicle history check. Although you will need to pay a fee, it is quite inexpensive and certainly worth the peace of mind that such a check provides.

VIN cloning leaves in its wake a number of victims; the person whose car was stolen, the purchaser of the new car who will lose both the car and his cash and the person who has lost out on making a legitimate sale.

With just a little care we can avoid being duped. have a wide selection of quality used cars, wether your looking for a smaller car with a little engine for cheaper insurance to a large sports car they cover them all!

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