Lexus Unveils Lexus GS350 Luxury Sedan

If you are thinking about some luxury cars then you can think about brands like Lexus that has a huge variety of cars ranging from fuel efficient cars to luxury cars that can make people take a second look at it. Recently, Lexus came up with the launch of their new mid-size luxury sport sedan better known as Lexus GS350. The car was revealed at the Pebble Beach in conjunction with Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The all new Lexus GS is not at all like the earlier models in the same category. Lexus has gone ahead and made some changes to the appearance of the car to make it look futuristic.

The fourth generation GS is something Lexus has been working on for long time and they decided to completely redesign the car. Hence, people who have seen the earlier GS models will find that the car has been completely changed inside and outside as well. Lexus said that they have a brand new design philosophy that they have incorporated in the all new Lexus GS350. The car now has a new grille on the front which will soon become common on all future cars that Lexus will make.

Lexus claims that this new car will be the beginning of the new direction of driving dynamics that the company is working on. Mark Templin, Lexus Group Vice President and General Manager said that buyer are now looking for engaging driving experience especially in the mid-sized luxury segment. He further added that buyers are even more conscious about the styling because they want to make a style statement and at the same time they need better interiors as well. With Lexus GS350 the company has tried to combine all the requirements of their buyers into one car so that they can make better choice.

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Published on: August 5, 2011

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