Lexus Brings Out IS F for Performance Oriented Car Buyers

Luxury cars are always in demand especially by high end users and buyers around the world and Lexus has been offering lot of vehicles that can offer a rare combination of comfort and performance. Lexus has already launch range of vehicles that combine luxury with high performance and Lexus IS F is one such vehicle that has been in the market for consumers that want performance oriented vehicle that also offer luxurious driving experience without compromising their budget. The Lexus IS F was first introduced in 2007 and it was competing some of the top vehicles like Audi RS4 and BMW M3.

Hence, Lexus decided to bring out the dedicated performance sedan to the market where consumers are passionate about performance. Today, the new version of Lexus IS F offers a lot more than just performance and luxury to some of the high end consumers that are willing to buy the best machine.


When you take a quick look at the design of the vehicle you find similarities between various sedans previously design by Lexus luxury cars and the IS F shares the suspension design from IS models that are already in the market. However, the IS F has a greater control and therefore the car really moves smoothly.

The new model has undergone some changes and Lexus has introduced beefed up bumpers and bigger wheels and also has a bonnet bulge to make the car look bigger. The materials on the vehicle are made from lighter materials to keep down the overall weight of the car.


Lexus IS F was designed for performance oriented consumers and therefore Lexus has paid lot of attention to the power that goes into the vehicle. The new version has 5.0 liter V8 engine with Dual VVTi that can produce 311 horsepower at the top speed of 168 mph.  The car can accelerate from zero to 62 mph in 4.8 seconds.

Lexus has also introduced automatic gearbox that offers better driving experience to the drivers.  The new Lexus IS F comes with 8 speed Sports Direct Shift Automatic which makes the entire driving experience safer as well.


Being one of the best automakers that focuses on comfort and luxury Lexus has offered some of the best luxury based interior features to IS F. The car comes with Smart Entry and Smart System that allows driver to boot the car smartly. The perforated leather seats can be adjusted in 8 different ways and that makes the driver feel comfortable while driving long distances.

The interior comes with semi-aniline black leather upholstery, but consumers can go for optional Fuji white leather upholstery on demand. The steering wheel can be electronically adjusted to make it convenient for driving. The electronic climate control offers better environment inside the vehicle and the multi-information display in the center to make it visible to the driver.


While Lexus has focused on luxury and comfort they have also incorporated top safety features like traction control, brake assist system, electronic brakeforce distribution, and power steering to keep the vehicle stable on the road.

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Published on: September 25, 2012

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