Lamborghini-Ferrari Race in Beijing: Cars crashed in a tunnel and Drivers sent to Jail

Doesn’t it sound like a movie scene, yes, the incident is similar to one of the “Fast & Furious” stunts . The young drivers raced the supercars through a tunnel in, Chinese capital, Beijing where both the sports cars were completely destroyed as a result of an insane race.


The race happened on 11 April when Tang Wentian, 21, was riding an expensive Lamborghini at 179 km per hour and the other luxury car, Ferrari was being driven by Yu Muchun, 20, at a speed of 165 km/h. The drivers were not drunk, the incident happened due to reckless driving and a woman passenger got severely injured as result of this car crash.

Courts on, 1 May, Thursday sentenced both the drivers, up to five months in jail. The verdict expressed both as guilty and also fined them.

People present at the scene were shocked to see the expensive cars shattered into pieces and compared it to the movie scenes in the famous Fast series.

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Published on: May 21, 2015

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