Jeff Koons Decorates BMW M3 GT2

Millions of people love art in various forms and therefore many people love to decorate their cars with the artistic talent that they have. Jeff Koons is well known for his art and he recently decorated the legendary BMW M3 GT2 which brought in lot of viewers all over the world. There are many people in America who love the work done by Jeff Koons and therefore many people decided to checkout the new art work done by him on the legendary car provided by BMW. The artist decided to paint the car black and provide some vivid streamlined colors to provide a better impression. The overall artwork looks like motion and speed from different angles.

To make his art, Jeff Koon decided to paint the miniature model of the BMW M3 GT2 which is a full detail reproduction of the original car. Jeff Koons decided that he would go for silver interiors because that would go in contrast with the exterior colors that he would use. The car also has removable hoods so that people can take a peek inside to view the engine. The trunk can be opened as well to view the air ducts. The painted version is limited to 5000 miniatures only and therefore there is a great demand for it in the market.

The art work done by Jeff Koons has really impressed some of the creative minds and have delighted Jeff Koons fans. The artist has provided special varnish to protect the shining in the future.

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Published on: December 9, 2011

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