Jeep Wrangler Hits the Slopes Hard while Family Survives

Jeep WranglerIf there is one thing that Jeeps are known for, it’s for tackling terrain that other vehicles would likely not dare to go. While some drivers are much more adventurous than others, there are some that like to push the limits that even the most experienced explorers would question. Apparently to some no matter what the terrain is, a Jeep can still handle it.

That’s the thought that most likely ran through Michael Fertitta’s mind when he decided to take the family on road trip…up a ski slope. As the family approached Mountain Creek Ski resort in Vernon, New Jersey, it was apparent that the double-black diamond trail didn’t deter the adventure seekers from scaling the incline.

It wasn’t until the driver began to ascend the slope when he hit an area that became too steep when the Jeep began to tumble down the trail nearly 20 times before it finally came to a stop. Trapped in the mangled mess were both the driver and his wife. Conscious when the vehicle came to a halt, the wife pulled herself out of the wreckage and started looking for her six year old son who was catapulted out from his car seat somewhere along the trail.

Astonishingly, the wife and the son survived the crash with only minor injuries. The driver on the other hand was trapped in the vehicle and was in critical condition when the ambulance rescued him. Luckily a bystander nearby witnessed the crash as it occurred and was able to call for help immediately.

While off roading is definitely a fun activity that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family, being safe and using some common sense are strongly advised. Though this little stunt may show that a Jeep is capable of protecting its occupants from tumbling down a double black diamond course, it’s probably a joy ride that many would not like to experience.

“Outside of Wranglers, Jeep offers a large variety of other dependable vehicles” mentions Reedman Toll, a PA car dealership. While at the family’s own expense, they do demonstrate how durable and rugged their Jeep Wrangler is, despite the fact that their vehicle is now totaled.

Luckily for this family, taking another off road trip is possible. Hopefully next time they decide to take it easy and travel on some bunny hills instead of going down a black diamond.

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Published on: May 19, 2013

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