Jeep Looks to Replace Compass & Patriot

The Jeep Brand is looking to replace their not so successful jeep SUV models with a new model, and plan to review it first in Brazil.

What some may be asking is why would you reveal the Jeep new model in a country such as Brazil? Well the reasoning from FCA is that they feel their new Jeep model will be a vehicle for the entire world to enjoy, not just North America. So what better place to reveal, than the place that is hosting the Summer Olympics.


The Jeep brand was idling for quite some time, but they have had a major resurgence worldwide when they reworked the Jeep Grand Cherokee and then the return of the Cherokee model. But things began to really pickup for the global relevancy for Jeep when they introduced the compact Renegade model, which also happens to be built in Brazil.

Even though the Compass & Patriot made up nearly 20% of their total vehicle sales in 2015, there is just this view that the two vehicles are just subpar when comparing it to the other popular models in the lineup. Regardless of belief, many Jeep dealerships like Hoffman Jeep of Maryland have seen consistent interest in both the Compass and Patriot, but are excited to hear about the new model, as well as the next-generation Jeep Wrangler which should be available in 2017.

As for the name of the new vehicle, it hasn’t been announced, and most of us in North America may very well not see or read about this until as late as November of this year when Jeep will reveal it at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

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Published on: June 30, 2016

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