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Hyundai Launches Genesis Intelligent Assistant App in 2015 Genesis | Autos Bevy | One spot for autos and car Lovers!

Hyundai Launches Genesis Intelligent Assistant App in 2015 Genesis

Hyundai has presented an enhanced version of Blue Link along with several mobile applications including Genesis Intelligent Assistant App. This app, to be featured in 2015 Genesis, was exhibited at Las Vegas for 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – the occasion where tech brands from around the world have gathered. It was further endorsed through the official press release by Hyundai.


Genesis Intelligent Assistant is an infotainment utility providing useful information on your planned journeys and vehicle health. With this feature, the owners of Genesis would be able to keep themselves updated and well aware about their drive.

Departure Reminders: Genesis Intelligent Assistant App not only manages your travel schedule, but also prompts you with reminder notifications. Moreover, it assists you set the destination of your journey right through your smartphone, and automatically calculate travelling times.

Temperature Informer: The application frequently updates the temperature outside through your zip code. In addition to that, it notifies you if the actual temperature varies from default level. You can then remote start your vehicle and turn on the air conditioner or heater.

Fuel Warnings: The application continuously monitors your vehicle’s low fuel light and informs you on your smartphone, even if you are away. At the same time, you can identify your next fuel stop and send the navigation instructions from your smartphone to the car.

Vehicle Health: Blue Link technology is usually embedded in high-performance trims, which gathers the entire information on your vehicle’s health. Whereas, Genesis Intelligent Assistant app imports this data from your car’s infotainment system and displays it right on your mobile screen. It facilitates in redefining your schedule and add a maintenance trip to it.

Blue Link Enhancements

With all these features, Genesis Intelligent Assistant App seems to be a must-to-have utility providing an integrated solution that every driver would need. Apart from it, Hyundai also launches Blue Link Google Glass App, Next Generation Infotainment System, and Assurance Connected Care Service on the same occasion.

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