How to React After a Car Crash

Being in a car crash is a horrifying and very distressing experience. Not only does this leave you feeling shaken and upset, but you will also be left with a potential legal battle, with severe damage to your car, and with potentially a lot of money to pay. Of course you will want to count your blessings that you are alive and you will feel shaken and like you need to sit down, but at the same time you also have various things you need to tend to right away. Here we will look at what those are.

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Is Everyone Okay?

First and foremost you need to check that everyone is okay. Start with yourself – you won’t be any good to anyone if you collapse from blood loss. Then check any other passengers, any pedestrians, and the person in the other vehicle.

Tend to Everyone

Of course there is a chance that not everyone is going to be okay and in this case you need to do what you can to help everyone around you. Start by reassuring them and then see if they are bleeding or having difficulty moving. Try to stop any bleeding with a cloth or bandage, and if they are injured then cover them with a blanket to keep them warm. Note that you should not try to move someone if they have been injured as it can cause more damage potentially.

Call the Emergency Services

Now call the police and an ambulance as necessary. Of course if the accident is just a small prang, then you aren’t going to want to get the law involved necessarily, however if there’s any kind of disruption to the road then you are going to need someone to come and clear up the mess. Finally you may also need the services of a garage to come and tow and repair your car.

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Treat Shock

This is perhaps less urgent than treating an actual injury or blood loss, but you should make sure to treat people for shock which means getting a hot drink in you with some sugar to replace the blood sugar you will have lost.

Speak With the Other Party

If there is another party involved in the accident then you will need to exchange insurance details. Try to be as civil as possible as there’s no reason to stress everyone out more. You don’t necessarily have to establish blame at this point, but they might freely admit to being at fault.

Collect Evidence

Now if you do think there might be a dispute (and even if they say there won’t it may still be smart) it’s a good idea to go around and collect some evidence from the scene. First and foremost this means getting the accounts and details of witnesses who can say if they saw what happened. Meanwhile you should also take a couple of photos – things like tire marks on the road and the location of the damage on each car can potentially exonerate you. Finally taking photos can also help you to make any insurance claims.

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