How the Ford Mustang Changed the Face of Ford

Ford has been a chief innovator in the car industry for well over a hundred years. The first car for the masses, for example, was the Ford Model T. Ford could market that car to the people because he made it affordable by using the assembly line instead of building each car by hand. The Model A, which followed, became even more inexpensive for the common workingman to buy. The Model A also saw the introduction of a safety-glass windshield. In the 1930s, Ford was one of the first car manufacturers to offer an affordably priced V-8 engine, which was pretty powerful in those days.

A number of other new ideas were incorporated into Ford’s cars before anyone else did it. The padded dashboard was a pain-reducing item and so were childproof door locks. Ford also installed a seat belt alarm light to remind driver and passengers to buckle up. In 1964, the Mustang was launched. Some say that this innovation was one of the coolest. Kayser Ford of Madison claims just that.

Ford MustangThe Mustang took the country by storm. The Mustang that was launched in 1965, became the most successful of any of Ford’s cars since the Model A’s success in 1929 and 1930. Today, the fifth generation of Ford Mustangs is on the road and they are once again taking the country by storm.

The look of the Mustang itself is eye-catching and the way it handles goes back to the great feeling of driving one of the first ones produced: exhilaration and pride. Once you have the shifter in your hand and the clutch under your foot, you feel like you’re waiting for the green light at the speedway. Even if it’s a six-speed automatic, your heart reverberates with the beat of the smooth and powerful engine. If you’re driving a Shelby GT500, then hold on tight. You will not only be the envy of most other men, but you will also be able to go faster than most other men.

The Mustang, with the exception of just a few models, is an Iconic American car that makes a lot of people happy for a variety of reasons. Not the least of which is owning something cool that delivers performance. Ford once again has handed something new to the car buying public. The Mustang was snapped up quickly by car buyers in the 1960s and is going to be on the top of a lot of people’s wish lists when the new ones come out.

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