How Fleet Vehicle Alerts Can Boost Your Business?

Commercial vehicle business is not as easy as it sounds because it is not just about repair and maintaining the vehicles on time but also about managing all the commercial vehicles in the right way to ensure that none of your customers and vehicles are affected. Handling one or two vehicles might be easy because you don’t have to manage multiple vehicles but if you have large number of vehicles you need to make sure that you have your eyes on all the vehicles in your fleet and you get some real time updates that can keep you in complete control. Fleet vehicle alerts have become important part of business especially for businesses that have multiple vehicles. Although, you might not have those alerts on your fleet vehicles but you can certainly have more advantages when you install fleet vehicle alerts in your commercial vehicles.

Vehicle Maintenance

With so many vehicles that you handle in your fleet it becomes tough for you to keep track of vehicle maintenance. You can certainly write it down in your book or update it on your computer but that is not going to help you much because you might get confused with handling so many vehicles at the same time. With fleet vehicle alerts you can be sure that you get updates about vehicle maintenance on time so that you know certain vehicles are due for vehicle maintenance. This will allow you to get rid of all those books and computer files since you can get updates directly through emails or SMS which makes it easier for you.

Vehicle Health

Your business depends on the health of your vehicles and therefore you need to ensure that your vehicles are in good condition and all the parts and accessories are working fine to ensure that are no accidents or mishaps on the road. Fleet vehicle alerts can always help you to ensure that your vehicle health is intact and you get timely updates about various mechanical problems and issues that are occurring in the vehicle. Fleet vehicle alerts send alert SMS and email when the vehicle is malfunctioning and when it gets diagnostic trouble codes.


Overspeeding can lead to accidents and you cannot really rely on your drivers because there are situations when they can over-speed the truck or vehicles beyond the speed parameters that you have set. With fleet vehicle alerts you can be sure that you get real time updates about which vehicles have exceeded their speed limits so that you can keep track of it. The alerts also keep you informed and allow you to know driver’s driving patterns on the basis of speed so that you can choose better reliable drivers for your business.

Time Parameters

With fleet vehicle alerts you can also set time parameters for all your vehicles based on certain time period that they should work in. You may never really know how your drivers are using your vehicles at odd hours and that can hurt your business in the future. With time parameters that you can set you can be sure that none of your vehicles are working beyond the time parameters that you have set. If the vehicles are working beyond your time parameters you can get quick alerts right on your phone or email so that you can keep track of all your vehicles.

Vehicle Idling

Similarly, fleet vehicle alerts can also provide you with quick updates and alerts on vehicles that are idling more hours than they actually should be. With all the information that you can gather through fleet vehicle alerts you can have better control over your fleet vehicle business to earn better income and customers in the future. You can always go through various products to learn more about fleet vehicle alert systems.

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