Honda’s Walking Assist Device Ready for Study at RIC

Honda is not just focusing on the new cars but also on new technologies that can make life easier and better for the people. Now, Honda has made an announcement that their Walking Assist Device is ready for clinical research study at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Honda claims that they believe that this device will help people to walk in a better way especially when they are injured. At RIC many physical therapists and researchers will have the opportunity to perform scientific assessment of the device to improve the mobility of patients who have experienced a stroke. Honda revealed that this will serve as the first large scale clinical research study on the Honda Walking Assist Device in the United States.

Honda Walking Assist DeviceThis device is worn outside on the clothes and has a stylish design that will not look odd when the user is wearing it. The stylish frame and battery powered compact motors is designed to help people wide reduced walking ability due to injury and other causes. Ryan Harty, Manager of the Environmental Business Development Office of American Honda Motor Co. Inc said Honda is a mobility company and they are glad that they are able to introduce better devices that can help people to move around and offer freedom of personal mobility. He also said that the company is glad to bring new Honda Walking Assist Device to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago for research as it will offer experts to work on it and help people to recover from stroke and improve their over-ground mobility.

Honda also mentioned that they have been researching on Walking Assist Device since 1999 and they would like to help patients that suffer from stroke and have limited personal mobility. It was also revealed that many stroke survivors have walking issues and therefore they came up with such device that can help patients to get the right kind of assistance while walking.

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Published on: November 14, 2013

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