Honda World Premieres Concept C and Concept S in Beijing

There is no doubt that most of the car companies today are interested in offering customers with what they have for future and that is exactly what Honda did today at the Beijing Motor Show in China. Honda Motor Investments Co Ltd have now world premiered their two new concept vehicles known as Concept C and Concept S which the company believes will go for mass production in the year 2013.

Honda Concept C

While many customers believe that the letter C in Concept C belongs to China, Honda believes that they have named the vehicle as Concept C because it also stands for being a cool classic car. Honda has come up with a better vehicle design which is extremely elegant and classy and even sporty at the same time. Honda teams from Japan and China will work together on this car when the vehicle will be available for mass production. Honda said that this would be a middle class sedan so the prices for this will be economical.

Honda Concept S

Honda is playing with letters this time again as they have named the vehicle as Stylish. The Concept S will be an expensive vehicle which will be environmentally friendly and have spacious cabin as well. Honda is planning to launch the mass production for this vehicle somewhere next year through Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co Ltd.

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Published on: April 25, 2012

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