Honda Working on Extraction of Rare Metals for Production Use

Honda is trying to improve their technologies so that they can make it more environment friendly. Now, Honda Motor Co Ltd and Japan Metals and Chemicals Company have made a joint announcement that they will be using world’s first process to dig out some of the rare metals from the earth that they will use in the production of Honda products. Honda has said that they will use these products for mass production and therefore this will not be experimental process. Honda said that they would come up with rare earth metals that can be recycled in a better way to improve their production.

Both the companies announced that this will be for the first time ever that they will use nickel metal hydride batteries to extract the rare metals from the earth. They will be using the same batteries that Honda currently uses for Honda hybrid vehicles. The companies announced that they will provide heat to the batteries and recycle scrap metal that contains nickel as raw material of stainless steel. The companies also announced that they will use 80% of the rare metals in the production so that they can easily recycle the Honda products later on when they want.

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Published on: April 18, 2012

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