Honda Vision XS-1 Showcased at the New Delhi Auto Expo 2014

Honda has showcased the very first premier of its all original Vision XS-1 at the Delhi Auto Expo 2014. The car looks indeed a creative masterpiece having a sporty attitude and classic design.


I have always been a fan of Honda models because of their innovative features and design, and believe me this one’s no less than a spectacle too. The Vision XS-1 is based on Honda’s trademark M/M concept “man maximum, machine minimum” and depicts the company’s visionary future. The M/M concept aims for minimizing the space occupied by the mechanics, and maximizing human capacity. With a tempting exterior contrast of metallic blue and glossy dark paintwork, it gives you the craving that every classic sporty car delivers. Adding to the beauty is its black tinted hood, slanting wheel-arches with dark-tinted protection and dynamically sculpted lower spoilers and sills.

Honda Vision XS-1 - Exterior

A Spacious Interior

It gives you a unique combo of a super-sporty exterior and an ever-comfortable interior. Don’t get the compact body wrong, it actually encompasses a very spacious interior having an amazing 7-seat capacity. That’s right, the compact Vision has enough room to fit your entire family conveniently and still provide comfort. Honda manages the space through its creative engineering, and equips the XS-1 with an intelligent three row seating.

Honda Vision XS-1 - Interior

Vision XS-1 is a true reflection of the company’s own “Exciting H Design”. The excitement doesn’t end here; the concept has a mini-van type sliding door design to keep it compact on those busy roads. Honda didn’t confirm the price yet, but hopefully it will be in the limelight soon.

Honda Vision XS-1 - Rear

That’s all I’ve got for today. Stay in touch for more updates.

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Published on: February 7, 2014

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