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HONDA TOPS WHAT CAR? RELIABILITY CHART FOR EIGHT YEARS RUNNING | Autos Bevy | One spot for autos and car Lovers!


Honda is known as the most reliable automaker for the used cars throughout the UK and this year the Japanese car manufacturing brand once again holds the top position of the list of top ten most reliable used car manufacturers. Honda received the title for eight years in a row which is really a great achievement for the brand. The “What Car? And Warranty Direct Reliability Survey” is a UK based survey in which car owners are invited to share their experiences regarding different vehicles of different brand. The data of this survey are based on the opinions, reviews and ratings of more than 50,000 car owners. Different  questions are asked in the survey to the car owners like average repair costs per year, the owners overall reliability ratings and common issues regarding the particular model.


Throughout the survey, different models of the Honda got prominent positive results in different classes and so Honda Accord got the title of the best sedan and the HR-V got the title of the best and reliable compact SUV. As a result of these facts and figures the Japanese Brand Honda once again got the title of the best and reliable used car automaker.

Civic 1.6 i-DTEC

Following is the list of top ten What Car? Reliability Chart

1. Honda
2. Suzuki
3. Hyundai
4. Subaru
5. Toyota
6. Lexus
7. Chevrolet
8. Mitsubishi
9. Ford
10. Mazda

It is obvious that seven out of ten are the Japanese brands which is a great success for the Japanese auto industry. The Chief Editor of the What Car? magazine said that the reason behind the consistent success of the Honda is its down to low failure rates and the Japanese automakers that are on the lowest rankings in the list should learn from this Japanese big boy.

13-plate Accord

The complete data of the What Car? And Warranty Direct Reliability Survey is available on the internet. The purpose of conducting this survey is to provide information to the consumers about the most reliable and best automaker as well as to provide information about the best and reliable models of different classes. Porsche stood first in the category of most appealing vehicles for the ninth years in a row, however, in terms of performance and reliability, Porsche is on number 36 followed by Land Rover and Bentley. All the car manufacturing brand should learn from Honda and should try to improve their reliability score as very few people compromise on reliability.

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