Honda Ready to Launch N Box Mini Vehicle

Honda has been coming up with many different cars that are not only great looking but they also have some great performance in them. Honda has recently announced the launch of N Box which is the first mini vehicle N Series that Honda is trying to bring into the market. The car will be available for sale from December 16, 2011 and Honda is really keen to see how consumers react to this mini vehicle that will be on the roads for the very first time. Honda also announced that since this is a different car they have created a new platform and powertrain for the N Series.

According to Honda, consumers today are desperate to buy something small and convenient and therefore they came up with the concept of mini vehicles that can help consumers to get something that they have been asking for. The N Series mini vehicle cars are spacious, comfortable and have great fuel economy to ensure that it can fit the budget of a common man who is looking for a great car. The company also mentioned that the new platform that has been designed for Honda N Box will make sure that the car performs well.

Honda also revealed that they have used the center tank layout that they have used in Honda Fit to make sure that there are large cabin spaces available for the passengers. It was also revealed that the new engine and transmission will make the driving dynamic and provide better fuel economy to the buyers of N Box.

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Published on: December 1, 2011

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