Honda Introduces VTEC TURBO Engine Series

In its efforts to enhance its Earth Dreams Technology range, Honda has launched three latest VTEC TURBO engines. With exceptional output, fuel economy and amazing performance, these three engines come in three different classes: 1 liter, 1.5 liter and 2 liter.

Making use of different valve motion technologies like Honda’s refined VTEC technology, all these three engines will be direct injection petrol turbos. Along with Honda’s hybrid technology and 1.6 liter diesel engine, the latest engines will be used in a number of other global models according to the vehicle features and local requirements.

1.5 Litre Turbo EngineThe latest technology and engine structure has allowed Honda to downsize the engines. The new engines have a much lower friction as compared to most other engines in the market; they are more environment friendly and efficient.

The very first VTEC TURBO with 2-liter direct injection, 4-cylinder turbo engine, which is likely to be introduced in Europe very soon, will be used in the upcoming Civic Type R. This brilliantly designed engine has the capacity to produce more than 280 PS. On top of that, it will be Euro 6 compliant.

Taking into account the sky-rocketing petrol and gas prices, fuel economy is fast becoming the priority of most car buyers. In recent times, Honda has made it clear that it wants to contribute towards society by introducing car engines and other technologies that are environment friendly, and these three engines are sure a part of its plans. It is widely expected that the new range of engines will be used in some Honda vehicles next year.

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Published on: November 21, 2013

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