Honda Debuts New Civic Type R Concept in Geneva

Honda has been trying to come up with better technologies and cars that can change the future and this time at the Geneva Motor Show, Honda unveiled the new Civic Type R Concept vehicle. Honda claimed that they are always interested in showcasing some of the new concepts that they have and that can be used in the future in various different ways. Honda mentioned that the new Civic Type R Concept will focus on the exterior design and will be incorporated in the new Type R vehicles that Honda will introduce in Europe in 2015. The new concept model has already gained lot of attention and Honda believes that the new design will allow them to impress many car buyers in the future.

New Civic Type R Concept - Exterior

During the event Honda said that they have worked with the design team to come up with the new racing car for the road design rather than creating a design that makes it look like a high performance car. The New Type R model certainly has the most extreme racing design on the exterior. The design is sleek and aerodynamic in its profile and while the car certainly has the feel that it will perform on the road it certainly looks like the one that is used for the race tracks.

New Civic Type R Concept - Rear

However, Honda also said that the styling of the car is integrated with the performance. The shape and angle of the rear spoiler offers additional downforce which is important at high speed. On the other hand, the upper and lower front grilles are wide enough to keep the engine cool along with better air outlets and bonnet. The rear and front fenders are widened to accommodate 20 inch tires. Under the hood, the car sports 2.0 liter direct injection VTEC four cylinder turbo engine from the Earth Dreams Technology range that can produce superior performance and be Euro-6 compliant as well.

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Published on: March 5, 2014

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