Honda Announces 3D Data of its Concept Editions

Honda is currently active with a key branding project, concentrated on the title ‘Art of Manufacturing”. The latest development in this regard is the release of valuable 3D data of its concept models. Downloadable from Honda 3D Design Archives, these are the designs of concept vehicles Honda has exhibited in the past.

The rapidly increasing usage of 3D printing even for domestic purposes, has led the Honda Motor Company to put up something creative. The designs are free to download and can easily be translated into a tangible figurine using a 3D printer. Currently, the website holds three-dimensional designs of five different concept cars unveiled in the past, namely Fuya-Jo, FSR Concept, Kiwami, Puyo, and NSX Concept. The library will however keep updating with new and more recent introductions.

Honda 3D Data

A couple of months earlier, Honda released a commercial advert based at the theme ‘Super Ultra Daydreams’. This promotional campaign was actually the preview of the inventive marketing strategy of the Japanese automaker. As displayed in the commercial video, users with access to the 3D printers will have the ability to make their toys by themselves. With such creative approach, Honda hopes to stimulate the designers who lean towards the automotive industry.

In contrast to this, other competitors are also adapting art-centric approach to communicate and inspire their customers. As an example, Lexus of Toyota Motor Corporation has announced the next Lexus Design Award. This event will be held in March, at Milan – Italy.

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Published on: January 28, 2014

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