Honda Aims for Congestion Free Driving Experience

While Honda is always keen about the design and the technology that they introduce and use in their vehicles the company has always taken substantial steps to ensure that they take good care of the environment as well. Honda Motor Company has now made an announcement that they have conducted public road testing of the new traffic congestion minimization technology that will allow them to cut down the development of congestion and improve the fuel economy of the vehicle by 20% in the future vehicles. The company said that they have taken the road test in Indonesia from September 2012 and have verified that the new technology indeed helps them to cut down the traffic congestion.

Honda Free Driving Experience

Honda claims that according to their new studies traffic congestion usually happens when driver of each vehicle is not driving the car in the right way. Hence, the best way to minimize traffic congestion is that the drivers realize that they need to drive in relation to the surrounding cars. Honda said that they have managed to come up with a smartphone app that changes the color of smartphone display to indicate whether the driver is driving the vehicle in the right way in relation to the surrounding vehicles. Honda claims that this app has been successfully tested in Indonesia and has managed to cut down the traffic congestion which in return will make the car more fuel efficient.

Smartphone App

Honda said that the smartphone app is designed to monitor the patterns of acceleration and deceleration and therefore the app quickly recognizes the pattern which will cause traffic congestion. The app not only indicates the traffic congestion patterns but also helps drivers to get rid of the traffic congestion mess as quickly as possible to save time. Honda said that this will be their first step towards congestion free mobility society which is the future of better driving experience.

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Published on: March 21, 2013

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