Honda’s 2012 Honda Civic Si Project

Honda is among the best auto makers in the world and they have been known for their innovative ways to built better vehicles. Recently, Honda has launched their 2012 Honda Civic Si project vehicle program where they have invited three independent vehicle tuners to built and display 2012 Honda Civic Si concepts that will be available at the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Honda has requested the tuners to make sure that the performance of the vehicles is better than what they have built. Hence, there are many people who are excited to see if the 2012 Honda Civic Si project vehicle program will be a success.

The interesting thing about this vehicle program is that all the modifications that the tuners will make has not been confirmed and recommended by American Honda Motor Co. Inc. and these modifications might not be legal for street driving in all 50 states across America. Honda has approached Bisimoto Engineering, Fox Marketing Cars / Mugsy’s Repair and Tjin Edition to provide better tuners to make their cars better in terms of performance and display. Once the cars are ready, Honda has also decided to share all the information that the audiences want to know and therefore people can always get the information they need about the tuners. So far, Honda has revealed the technical and mechanical details that the tuners will go through to improve the performance and display of the car. However, Honda will share the inside story and rest of the information only when the entire project is complete.

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