Getting Your Car and Your Insurance Winter Ready

Winter is a dangerous time for car. Not only is there a significant jump in accidents and collisions as you would expect but weather damage, windscreen chips, and uninsured motorists all occur with higher frequency. You can reduce the likelihood of your having to file claim on your car insurance this winter with some simple planning.

Car Accidents in Winter

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Slow Down and Drive Safely

Icy roads will reduce traction and snow, rain and fog will impair visibility. Reducing your speed, allowing more space between cars and braking gently will keep you safe and reduce the risk of accidents whilst driving in these conditions.

Winter Car Servicing

Nothing is easier to keep your driving safe and pleasurable than ensuring adequate tread and tire inflation. Winterized wiper blades help reduce the bad effect of winter weather on visibility. Your lights, brakes and engine need to be checked to ensure that they won’t let you down when you need them the most. If you are not comfortable doing these checks or service yourself then get a professional service done – the cost will be far less than the excess on your policy if you were to have an accident and no price can be put on the safety of you and your passengers.

Listen to the Pros

The AA, many insurance companies, and local driving schools have great advice about what to remember when driving in cold conditions. Read through the short guides on what to do if you find yourself in a dangerous situation, such as when skidding, and how to prepare your car and yourself before travelling. The owner’s manual with your car may have important information regarding anti-lock brakes and vehicle skid control settings how they should be used to best effect.

Assess Your Insurance Needs

Think carefully about what kinds of situations you may be confronted with over winter. All winter insurance should cover you for the basics – damage, theft and third party, however depending on your circumstances you may have to consider additional factors. If you have relatives staying during the holiday you may want your insurance to cover additional drivers. If you are traveling outside the country find out what your policy covers and for how long. Even if flying you should check to see if your policy includes rental car coverage whilst away on holidays.  Assessing your needs now will ensure that you’ll be covered for any type of situation, before it arises.

Find the Right Insurance Provider

A good insurance provider will be able assist in assessing your needs and tailoring a policy to suit them. If you would like to see an example of what a good provider can do for you then click here to visit the Axa Ireland website

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