Getting Rid of an Unwanted Car Fast

Opportunity in life can happen very quickly, and it doesn’t leave a person much time or space to react. That opportunity can be in the form of a new job in a different location, a chance to study overseas, a career change that starts in a week in another town, or similar. When these sorts of things come along, a person has to make some big decisions about what property to take and what to leave behind. Not doing so and delaying a decision can often mean losing a big chance at a life change or winning career for many people. Two of the biggest problems in this regard, however, can be pets and the old car used for local transportation.

Family and Friends Don’t Always Work

While pets are a stickier personal issue, a car ideally can usually be transferred to someone else like a family member or a car buyer. However, not everyone has a close network of family relatives nearby, much less friends who don’t mind having an old used car in their driveway for an extended period of time. And many used cars have no capacity to handle a cross-country drive fully loaded up with suitcases and one’s life. That’s a recipe for getting stuck in the middle of nowhere and losing everything. Young people constantly take big risks doing exactly this sort of adventure, only to find the car dies for good maybe one state out on the road, especially when traveling in the hot summer or deep winter.

Don’t Try to Dump a Car

Just dumping a car somewhere out of sight is a bad idea as well. Dumping essentially involves taking a car to a remote location and abandoning the property for anyone else to do something with it. Dumped cars are pretty obvious, and if the city street cleaning crew don’t find the vehicle, neighbors in the area will eventually call a code compliance officer to do something about the sitting car.

While dumping can be a tempting thought for someone who is in a desperate situation, every car has a license plate and vehicle identification number. That allows authorities to trace the vehicle ownership back to a person, which in turn means a bit of a bureaucratic headache later on when the violations and fines catch up with a person for dumping a vehicle, according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

A Possible Solution

However, for those stuck with a car no one wants and an opportunity for a life change that requires a fast move, websites such as can be the answer. You can use the money from the sale to finance a new vehicle or cover costs associated with your life event.

Before you sell to an online buyer, make sure to check the company out with consumer protection agencies first. You’ll want to deal with a reputable and licensed buyer to ensure you’re getting a safe and fair deal.

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