What Should You Do with Your Old Car?

When you’ve had your car a long time, you can feel a lot of affection for it. But eventually there comes a time when you have to think about saying goodbye. If your vehicle is getting to a point where it’s not driveable, or you just think it’s time for an update, you have to decide what to do with it. Are you going to sell it on to someone else, is it only good for scraps or could you even give it away? There are several options to choose from, and you might make your decision based on how much money you can make. Consider these different options to decide which one is best for you.

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Sell It

Is your car still running? If it passed its last check and it’s still safe on the road, someone else can make use of it. Some people hang onto their cars until they’re no longer usable, but it’s likely you just feel like it’s time for a change. Roadworthy cars can still go on to a new owner, and you’ll probably make more money from it by selling than by sending it to be scrapped. You can choose to sell it in several ways, either privately or to a dealer. If you choose a dealer, you could trade it in for part-exchange on a new car, or you could sell it outright and take your money elsewhere. If you decide to sell privately, there are many avenues you could use. From putting a sign in your car window to putting ads on used car sites, you shouldn’t find it too difficult to find people who are interested in viewing it.

Scrap It

If your car’s on its last legs, you might be looking at scrapping it instead of selling. You can’t sell it on if it no longer runs, and you could get more for its parts and materials than you would get trying to sell it. There are lots of companies that do cash for cars deals, who will value your vehicle and pay you a sum for it. Most will come and collect it for you too since you can’t drive it anywhere, and it won’t cost you anything. A lot of scrapping services will also allow you to exchange your car for payment on vehicles they have for sale, from cars to scooters and vans. You can get a quote online with many companies too.

Give It Away

Another option is to give your car to charity. There are several charities that will take your car off your hands and put its value towards different causes. They’ll either scrap your car or sell it at auction for funds. Of course, you won’t get any money from it, but you will get the satisfaction of helping a good cause. The charity will pick up your car free of charge, so it won’t cost you anything either.

If you want to get rid of your old car, you have more options than just selling it. You can choose a method that suits you.

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