Georgia debut by Camp Jeep at 2014 Atlanta International Auto Show

Yes you heard it right! This spring season is happening as Camp Jeep is being introduced at 2014 Atlanta International Auto Show in Georgia. This is one of the new models which will be showcased by Chrysler Group LLC.

The fascinating looks, unique style, amazing off road experience and loads of fun while driving is the story of Camp Jeep. The customers will feel awesome and thrilling when they drive Camp Jeep stated David Englen, Director – Southeast Business Center, Chrysler Group LLC.

Camp Jeep

If you love driving and are an adventure person then this jeep is certainly for you. All the attendees are invited to attend the five minute test drive of the Camp Jeep. It is an absolutely thrilling experience to learn and see the full capabilities of the Camp Jeep. The attendees will also learn about safety measures and tips to drive on and off the road. The reliable and experienced driver will actually climb fourteen foot mountain which is a superb thrilling experience for the attendees. This is major of the fun and adventurous ride.

Make the most of it and enjoy a roller coaster ride in the Camp Jeep.

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Published on: March 26, 2014

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