General Motors and Ford embark upon a joint venture

Two of the leading automotive makers have embarked upon a collaborative venture. As part of the agreement entered into; General Motors as well as Ford is supposed to give way to a fresh string of transmissions. The transmissions to be made will be automatic, and these will serve the purpose of cars and crossovers. Besides these, the transmissions made will also cater to the needs of sports utility vehicles and heavy automobiles such as truck. According to the press release, the collaborative venture will focus upon the making of automatic transmissions gearing to the needs of front as well as rear wheel types.

The transmission systems of nine & ten speed are not only supposed to the cause of fuel economy but are also supposed to the prospect of vehicle efficiency. Joint production will be followed by individual manufacturing, wherein the respective houses will be manufacturing separately on its own. But individualized production will only start following the completion of the first round of manufacturing, packaging and sale. With the mutual import of inputs, expertise and technology; the focus will be on keeping the hardware similar. That’s because if both the houses thrash out designs which are essentially identical, the undertaking is sure to be reciprocally beneficial.

By making products which are essentially common; the quotients of economy will also be ensured. But regarding the use and application of software options; the respective house will be driven by its own unique parameters. After all, the choice of software options has to be compatible to the requisite specifications of different vehicles. The requisitions of General Motors will obviously vary from those of Ford.

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Published on: April 18, 2013

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