Future Cars with a Mind of Their Own

Future CarsFrom computer chips that regulate a car’s performance to voice control features allowing drivers to make phone calls or play music, cars are becoming more technologically advanced than ever. What’s even more remarkable is that advancements in the auto industry are just beginning. With major auto technology firms such as Microsoft and Google planning for the future, the day of having our own KITT may not seem so distant.

While it may not be integrated in a black Pontiac Trans Am, the technology these engineers and others are currently working on will soon become a reality. Yes, this even includes cars being able to drive themselves. Since the early 2000’s, autonomous cars, or robotic cars, have been developed using a variety of technologies in conjunction with each other to operate without a driver. Basically these cars are able to drive themselves by using everything from GPS, radar, sensors and other types of equipment to safely maneuver on roads.

In addition to self driven cars, other technology features are being developed where cars can recognize their owner within a crowd and will even pop the trunk if they are pushing a grocery cart. As far trips are concerned, the vehicle will be able to detect and anticipate changes in the environment such as traffic jams and road conditions so it will always be prepared for what lies ahead, well before the driver.

Though these advancements are revolutionary and will have a dramatic impact on people’s lives, many will question the amount of control we are willing to put into the clutches of cars. In particular, autonomous cars are questioned by some legislators as they are concerned with the driverless car potentially threatening the safety of other human drivers. While it is a legitimate concern, it is clear that manufacturers and engineers have demonstrated that these vehicles are safe as three states have already passed bills allowing the use autonomous cars. For anyone not quite ready for all of this technology, it’s worth checking out this dealer website which offers vehicles that still rely on human drivers to do the work.

While the dreams of owning David Hasslehoff’s prized AI companion are likely to become a reality, it definitely puts some things into perspective as how much control are human’s comfortable giving up. It may be cool to have an artificial chafer that can help with the groceries, but if we become too dependent on this technology what type of impact will that have on our lives? As long as we don’t have to insure the car as a “driver” and keep our scanners peeled for Christines, everything should be fine.

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Published on: May 19, 2013

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