Ford Impresses Urban Buyers with Ford B-MAX

Most car manufacturers are thinking about how they can come up with better cars that can be used by urban consumers and Ford has now come up with their idea of ideal urban car that makes good use of the space that is has. The all new Ford B-MAX is an attention seeking car that can impress consumers through looks and performance. To make the car look better, Ford engineers and designers have worked hard to provide urban classic look to it. The car looks stylish with original hinged door in the front and sliding rear doors which is seen for the first time.

While announcing the launch of this car Ford said that they have been looking to make better cars for urban population where space does really matter. In Ford B-MAX they have used Easy Access Door System that provides unobstructed entry and exit to the passengers because there are no central body pillars. On the other hand, the rear door slides backwards which makes it comfortable for the passengers to get down. Ford also mentioned that the car has very low CO2 emission rate which will make it one of the favorites for those who are concerned about their environment.

Since Ford has focused on making this car innovative they have also incorporated new features like SYNC which is a voice activated in car connectivity system designed by Ford for Emergency Assistance. The car will have 1.0 liter Ford EcoBoost engine which will have the capability of 120 PS. Ford also confirms that this car will be fuel efficient as it will consume 15% less petrol than other cars in the same category.

Ford produce a range of small and affordable cars. If you are interested in searching the used car market then why not try a more ful efficient car such as the Ford Fiesta Zetec S.

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Published on: March 7, 2012

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