Ford Figo – Microcar With Staying Power

The subcompact automobile market has seen some great additions as of lately. In particular, the Ford India division has been producing some quality cars that meet the available budget of many price-conscious drivers while still delivering a fun and reliable ride. The Ford Figo is one such addition which has been in production since 2010, and with over 2 million units delivered it is a car that does not appear to be going away anytime soon.

The petrol version of the Ford Figo subcompact has a 1.2L engine under the hood that is capable 71ps and 102nm of torque. It has a solid Duratec engine that is divided into four trim levels: LXI, EXI, ZXI, and the Titanium. The diesel variants pack a 1.4L engine for slightly more torque with a little less power. At a price that starts at only 381,800 rs for the baseline models, the Ford Figo remains the new car of choice for a great many buyers in the Indian marketplace.

The SEFI fuel system combined with the small engine means that the Ford Figo gets great fuel mileage. The micro-car is designed especially for urban centers where there would be a lot less maneuverability in anything bigger. The Figo gets about 25mpg in the city and 36 on the highway should one choose to take it on longer trips. It takes over 16 seconds for the Figo to reach 62mph, and for that reason it is not particularly suited for anything other than high traffic city commutes.

There are not too many excessive features as can be seen by looking at the specifications. Ford lists a headlamp chime reminder and door ajar notification as some of the features that the Figo has standard. These are all things that most any car owner would take for granted in today’s markets. The radio on the upper end models and the bluetooth phone interface are about as top line as it gets when configuring a new Figo. However, for the price, that comes with the territory.

The five door hatchback seems to be a take on the mk6 Fiesta which was also quite popular in the Indian market. The car is designed to be rugged in highly populated areas and easy to repair should damage occur to the body or internally. 7 exterior color options give the Ford Figo a fun and sleek look that is modern enough so that most would not have a problem being seen in the vehicle.

With over 20 awards delegated to Ford for their Figo creation the micro-car appears to have staying power. That is good for used car buyers and new owners who might need replacement parts at low prices. Ford is looking to branch out into other urban population centers and many areas should begin to see an influx of Figos as production remains strong. Overall, it is a solid and cheap form of transportation that will allow many people to be mobile that otherwise could not afford a new car.

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Published on: September 25, 2012

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