Why The Ford Fiesta Will Always Be The First Time Drivers Perfect Choice

Cast your mind back to when you had first passed your driving test. That taste of freedom and the opportunity of the open road. You may remember a parent trying to tell you that the Ford Focus ST or a Porche were a little out of your sights at that point. But that didn’t stop you dreaming.

The advice for when a young person passes their test hasn’t changed much over the years. Right from the outset, even you, will have been told to think about cost. Everything was always about cost. You could be the parent yourself now. Helping your son or daughter pick out their first car. You might even be buying it for them. You’ll find the same advice you once heard leaving your lips. However, young drivers these days have such a varied amount of choice.Too much choice maybe. Most people tend to look at a used car to keep the expense down to a minimum. So it’s a great idea to seek out the advice and expertise of a place like A1 Carriages who can make the whole process a lot easier.

One car has become a firm favourite amongst young drivers. That is the Ford Fiesta. For many reasons, this car is still the main choice for a first-time drivers car. Let me explain why:



Low running cost

The Ford fiesta has always traditionally been a cheap car to run. Which makes it a young driver dream. Most young drivers are just starting their working life or still studying. It’s vital; they have a car that won’t cost them too much to get them to where they need to be.

With the introduction of the 1.0-litre Ecoboost engine, it’s only gone and made the Fiesta even more desirable. The 1.0-litre promises fantastic miles per gallon without feeling like you are driving a sluggish car. The best of both worlds for a young driver.

Low insurance costs

A big expense of purchasing your first car isn’t always the car itself but the insurance to run alongside it. It’s imperative to have a good level of insurance to cover every eventuality. Insurance can vary from car to car. But the Ford Fiesta is well known as a low insurance group car. Meaning that it won’t cost you too much to put it on the road for a year. Most of the time it is just the first year that can be quite expensive. Once you come to the renewal, you should find that it reduces dramatically, subject to no claims being made.

Appeals to a young driver

Every young girl or boy wants a car that looks good. They may have different criteria they are after but mostly for them it’s all about the looks. The Ford Fiesta has sleek lines, sporty grill and most models have Alloy Wheels as standard. It’s worth remembering, though, that the more the car has, the more expensive it will be to insure.

The Ford Fiesta is available in many metallic paint options, giving it, even more kerb appeal to the young driver.

Has a good reliability record

As a young driver the last thing you want to do is break down or have costs that you are not aware of. The Ford Fiesta has a great record and reputation of being a reliable car. Of course, I’m not saying that they don’t break down. But the cars are well known to be reliable. However, it’s recommended to have a breakdown cover either built in to your insurance or as a separate purchase. If you buy a brand new car, they tend to come with the first years worth of breakdown cover anyway.

A good Safety rating

The recent Ford Fiesta has an 5 star Euro NCAP safety rating. Which is the best that you can get. It’s essential that a young driver’s car is safe for them to use. Especially as this is the first time they will be out on their own.

To summarise, it isn’t just the car a young driver has to think about. There are additional costs to running a car. These include petrol and diesel. Insurance, breakdown and any regular maintenance such as servicing and MOT’s. So it’s vital that the first car ticks all the boxes and reduces the cost levels as much as possible. The Ford Fiesta does just that and has done for many years gone by. Long may it continue to be the young drivers car of choice.

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