Ford F-150 Wins Motor Trend Award for Fourth Time

Fuel efficiency has become the most important criteria for selecting good vehicles and therefore automobile companies are now making sure that all their vehicles are fuel efficient because they would like to impress more and more customers with better fuel efficient technologies. Ford is one of the best automobile companies in the world and recently their Ford F-150 truck was named as the 2012 Truck of the Year by Motor Trend. This would be for the fourth time that Ford F-150 has won the same award and it is the only truck that has won this award more times than any other truck in the market.

Mark Fields, Ford President of the Americas said that the Ford F-150 is a no compromise vehicle that has been designed for every customer’s need. He also said that Motor Trend’s award really matters to Ford and the award reinforces that Ford F-150 is the best choice for all American truck owners. He also mentioned that the company is really proud to receive this award and that it will help them to provide better trucks in the future as they have been the top choice for trucks in the American market.

Ford F-150 won the same award in 1997, 2004 and 2009 and now again for 2012. Motor Trend editors said that F-150s are built for heavy work and they provide better driving experience in challenging situations. The truck has a combination of advanced technology which makes this truck safe, value for money and fuel efficient and provides great performance as well.

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Published on: December 14, 2011

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