Ford Combines with Slacker Radio

Automobile manufacturers today are more interested in providing better driving experience to their consumers apart from providing them better cars and therefore they look to integrate some really cool apps that can help their consumers to have better driving experience. As per the latest information Ford has now decided to integrate Slacker Radio app using Sync AppLink that will help them to have better car experience no matter wherever they are. Hence, this way Ford drivers have something additional in their kitty for entertainment and they can make use of Slacker Radio app that they can listen to.

Doug VanDagens, Director of Ford Connected Services said that customers now have more options to access music and information. Using Ford SYNC Link they can now listen to whatever they want to. He also added that with a huge library Slacker Radio dramatically increases the content options for all Ford drivers. Steve Cotter, Senior Vice President of Business Development  at Slacker Radio that customers always have the option to listen whatever they want to and when they are not in the mood to listen to music they can tune in to various personalized talk content like ABC News and ESPN Radio. Hence, Slacker Radio definitely offers certain customizable options and online radio experience to Ford drivers. There are more than 150 stations available where they can listen to variety of talk shows and other information that they want to listen to. Hence, Slacker Radio is the ultimate choice for better radio experience for Ford drivers.

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Published on: December 1, 2011

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