“Fast & Furious” Combines Efforts with Chrysler Group

With the newest installment of the “Fast and Furious” series being released, and expected to be a blockbuster hit this summer, the race started early on to see who would get to highlight their brand and models in the new film. Product placement is always important in today’s marketing and advertising world, and Chrysler was lucky enough to brand their SRT8 brand, and Dodge model in this summer’s car lover’s film of the year. They will be lucky enough to highlight not just the Dart, but also their Challenger SRT8. Along with the success that Ram is having early on this is just another huge win for the Chrysler Group in Detroit.

The two major companies, Chrysler and Universal came together in this co-branding effort early on before the filming had begun, inking the deal. It then allows Chrysler to highlight their models with the film name alongside it, drawing in a larger fan base than before. Their efforts will include a variety of social media, gaming and traditional marketing and advertising efforts to get this partnership to be a success.

If you plan to watch the film, and do not want to read this spoiler alert, skip to the next paragraph: It is expected that Vin Diesel’s character Dom, will be flying around in the SRT8 Challenger for the vast majority of the film, but also will be seen driving a vintage ’69 Dodge Daytona. It is also quoted that the production team had gone through a total of 10 Challenger models, to what extent of their usage, and undertaking is relatively unknown—but you shouldn’t be surprised if they will be auctioned off or showcased around this summer. The wide appearance of the Challenger is unmistakable as mentioned in the review by Arrigo Palm Beach.

Now taking a jump into reality, and away from the fictitious world of the film, Chrysler has been able to follow up their co-branding efforts with Universal by featuring their brands on the SRT Viper GTS-R model, which will be racing in the American le Mans Series this year. Also to help with the marketing efforts there will be a Dodge SRT8, which mimics the one from the film for fans of the film and vehicle to take photos with? The real question for many is when will they stop making these blasted films? Not to say they aren’t good eye candy with all the awesome cars, attractive women and explosions. Well then again who doesn’t like attractive women and fast cars and explosions?

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Published on: May 19, 2013

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