5 Interesting Facts About Cadillac

Cadillac is an automotive company that was invented by pure luck, or in the instance of Henry Ford, bad luck. In 1902, Ford attempted to manufacture the very first Cadillac vehicle, but things didn’t go as planned and the vehicle flopped. An employee of the Henry Ford Motor Company named Henry Leland actually helped the brand become what it is today after he took the car, put it on display, and then one year later sold it at the New Year Auto Show in 1903 for a mere $850.

Cadillac has come a long way over the years, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the brand’s commitment to innovation and quality. When you buy a Cadillac, you can do so with complete confidence that it will exceed expectations. Want to know more about the Cadillac brand? Read below to learn five more interesting facts about this automobile company.

Cadillac History

1- The First Automobile

Many people think that it was the Model-T by Henry Ford that was the first car to ever grace the roadways. However, Ford didn’t build that car until 1908 and the Cadillac in 1902, making it the first automotive brand released in the United States. Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow, Roy Rogers, and Elvis Presley are additional celebrities who were well-known lovers of the Cadillac brand. Many photographs of these celebrities in their Cadillacs are easy to find if you scour the web.

2- A Brand of Firsts

Cadillac became an automotive industry pioneer due to their many engineering advances from the year of 1915 to 1941. These advancements include the dual plane V8 crankshaft, introduced in 1918; a manual transmission using clashless constant mesh gears in 1928; the V16 in 1930; and the V8, the V12, and the V16. Cadillac was also the first brand to use an electric motor on their vehicles, with this introduction made in 1912. When a brand is devoted to developing the best products, you can trust them to deliver an automobile that exceeds driving expectations. Cadillac certainly provides its driver with complete confidence in their vehicle.

3- A Caddy Owner

Al Capone is one of the most famous Cadillac owners of all time. He had a very unique car which had bulletproof exterior. President Franklin D. Roosevelt preferred to drive a Cadillac and it is speculated that the Capone car was used by the President after this time. These days you’ll see many Cadillacs on the roadways. The Escalade is one of the most popular models drivers enjoy and its a favorite for celebrities, too. Cadillac model vehicles impress drivers and those who see them in their automobile. You’ll find tons of awesome models at your Cadillac dealers.

4- A Little Personal Information

Headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, the Ford Motor Company owned the Cadillac brand for only a short while. The General Motors Corporation (GM) purchased the company from Ford Motor Company in 1909. Cadillac has been a brand that people trust.

5. Most Popular Cadillacs

Cadillac has a vehicle for every lifestyle in their current vehicle lineup. This includes cars, hybrids, SUVs, and trucks. Over the years, some of these models have sold better than others. Many stand out in the mind of the driver and car enthusiast due to their impressive quality and style. Although every Cadillac brings exceptional driving power to its owner, some of the most popular models ever released includes the 1985 Coupe DeVille, the 1941 Series 62 Convertible, the Eldorado Biarritz, and the 1957 DeVille.

T.he Cadillac brand is one that has impressed drivers across the globe for more than 100 years now. There’s no question that Cadillac will be around for many more years to come. Drivers love the luxury the upscale automobile brings to their driveway, from the exquisite styles to the lavish features traditional vehicles forego. We hope you’ve learned a few new facts about Cadillac and that you know which brand is best when it’s time to buy a new or used vehicle.

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