Earth Dreams Technology by Honda

Honda has been working on various different technologies that can help them to provide some excellent vehicles in the future. Recently, Honda announced the outline for their revolutionary next generation technology which they call Earth Dreams Technology. As per Honda, Earth Dreams Technology is an advanced technology that not only enhances driving performance and fuel efficiency but also makes use of advanced environmental technologies that can help Honda to provide better cars that have better driving pleasure. So far, Honda has been working on several aspects of internal combustion in the engine and transmission as well as in their electric motor technology.

Recently, Honda decided to implement the Earth Dreams Technology in the N-Box mini vehicle that they showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show. However, Honda aims that they can implement the same technology to different vehicles and launch fuel efficient cars in the next three years. Honda has been working on a deadline that they have set to cut down the emissions that are released from their vehicles. The company has set a deadline of 2020 to reduce 30% CO2 emissions for all the products that they will sell worldwide.

With the help of Earth Dreams Technology Honda will be able to provide gasoline engine that provides top driving performance and fuel efficiency because that is exactly what the customers want from their vehicles. The next generation technology will also help Honda to produce compact diesel engine which is lightweight but provides top of the class performance and fuel efficiency. This technology will also help Honda to provide two hybrid system that provide better fuel efficiency. Honda is also trying to come up with high output electric SH-AWD hybrid system that combines superior driving along with better environmental performance. Hence, in many different ways the Earth Dreams Technology is going to help Honda build fuel efficient cars.

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Published on: December 16, 2011

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