What will driving be like in the future?

Ever since the invention of the horseless carriage over a hundred years ago, innovation and  technology has been at the forefront of making vehicles safer, more fuel efficient and cheaper than ever before, but what will cars be like in the future and will we be driving at all?

In recent years we have seen a big uptake in electric powered cars, with many manufacturers now offering hybrid and fully electric vehicles in their ranges. We have also seen tech giants such as Google, Telsa and Uber successfully testing autonomous vehicles and the rise of the connected car, able to tell drivers real-time data to help with their journeys.

The future of travel may not include drivers at all, but it will include a wide range of hidden technology specially designed to ensure the road are as safe as they can be. Here YourParkingSpace has showcased some of these innovative technologies and how they can be integrated into the cars of the future.


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Published on: May 17, 2017

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