Drive for Innovation for Car Lovers

People today are very passionate about the new technologies that come up. While some people love to use and know more about technology some people want to make sure that they stay updated about the new technologies that are available in the market as that can make their life simple. At the moment, the problem of pollution due to cars is really a big challenge for various countries and therefore car companies are now experimenting on new electric technologies that can help them to produce better cars that can have better speed, efficiency and capability and at the same time they are environment friendly.

The Drive for Innovation with UBM and Avnet Express is definitely a step ahead by both these companies to the latest technology to the people. So far, people would only know about the latest electric technology when something is written or posted about it on the web. However, now they have the chance to view and see the technology in the real time and share their views as well. UBM and Avnet Express launches Drive for Innovation initiative that will be a cross country initiative where people will drive in Chevrolet Volt and halt at various locations spreading information about new car technology.

This cross country journey will help a lot of people to meet the innovators, engineers, and experts in electric technology. Hence, it will bring people close to the people who know a lot about the new automobile technology. EE Times Editorial Director Brian Fuller will also be present at the event and will take interviews of the engineers, innovators and even technical experts who will comment and show how this future technology will help consumers and car manufacturers. This event will have lots of interactive content and even various games and prizes to be won by the people.

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