Chevy Happy Grad Wins Super Bowl Ad Contest

There is nothing possible without proper marketing and advertisement and therefore many companies all over the world prefer to create best ads that can provide them with great publicity. Chevrolet recently announced that they will air their new advertisement called Chevy Happy Grad at the Super Bowl XLVI. Chevrolet had recently organized Chevrolet Route 66 Super Bowl ad contest where participants were given the opportunity to create their own advertisements that will be selected by Chevrolet for the Super Bowl event.

The all new advertisement called Chevy Happy Grad has been submitted by 26 year old Zach Borst who resides in Long Island. Joel Ewanick, Global Chief Marketing Officer at General Motors said that they had asked filmmakers to come up with something that depicts their life journey and how Chevrolet plays an important role in their life. He further said that when he saw the advertisement he had no choice but laugh out loud because the situation is very identical to most families in reality and also something that people expect.

Chevrolet Route 66 Super Bowl ad contest received good response globally as it had 400 submissions from 32 countries and there were more than 140 films for consideration. The all new Chevy Happy Grad ad will now be available on Super Bowl Sunday where more than 110 million television viewers will be able to see it. As per Zach it took him and the cast to complete the project in four hours and they decided to shoot the film close to his home in Long Island.

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