Chevrolet Sonic Anthem at Super Bowl XLVI

Car companies are very well aware of the stiff competition that they have and therefore they have to come up with different vehicle features and even with better marketing and advertisement ideas that can make maximum impact. Chevrolet Sonic has been making lot of news in the public with the kind of marketing that the company has been doing all these months. However, Chevrolet has now decided to go back to the same marketing rules and come up with traditional TV advertisement that will help the car to sell better in the future.

Chevrolet has now decided that they will come up with Sonic Anthem at the Super Bowl XLVI where they will provide information about the car and all that the vehicle can do. The company also said that the subcompact car has already made better sales but they would like to promote the car aggressively now and push it in a better way to top the market records. Chevrolet also said that this car is the only subcompact car in the United States and they have managed to double the sales in January.

Alan Batey, Vice President for Chevrolet Sales and Service said that Sonic is a great addition to already top cars that Chevrolet have under the umbrella. He also said that they feel good to see that the sales figures for Sonic is going upward steadily which means that people in America are now enjoying the subcompact cars as well. He also said that the first phase of marketing for Sonic was to focus on young consumers but now they are going for regular audiences as well.

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