Chevrolet Focuses on Sonic Colors in the Future

Chevrolet is trying to lure the youngsters with subcompact cars like Chevy Sonic that is targeted towards the youth. The company has made an announcement that Inferno Orange is the second most requested color for the car which indicates that color trends are changing in the market. Chevrolet said that earlier black and silver were among the top car colors that were in demand but youth today love to have brighter colors and colors like Inferno Orange has received more popularity especially for smaller cars like Sonic.

Chevrolet said that they will be focusing more on the new bright colors that they can launch in the market that will help them to boost their sales.  Michelle Killen, Lead Creative Designer for GM Design said that color trends can actually show us that lifestyles and thinking patterns have changed in the society and that customers are ready for brighter colors in the future. She said that when they used Inferno Orange color for Chevy Sonic they had a feeling that this color would work in the market and they were right about it. She said that orange color has already been used on Corvettes and Camaros before and therefore it should work on smaller subcompact vehicles as well which are fast and trendy.

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