Chevrolet Defines the Secret behind Corvette’s Performance

There are millions of die-hard fans that love Corvette to the core but after more than six decades Chevrolet believes that the true power behind the vehicle lies in the legendary Chevrolet V8 engine that drives the vehicle. The company said that Chevrolet Corvette has won the hearts of various American people but over the past 60 years Chevrolet has worked on how they can improve the V8 engine in a better way to offer more reliability, refinement and efficiency to the vehicle. Chevrolet believes that in the earlier times the engine was known as small block that most people call today as V8.

Jordan Lee, Global Chief Engineer for Small Block Engines said that the Chevrolet V8 has an elegant design to it and there are very engines in the world that look great and can perform even better. The overall design of the engine is sleek and low hood profile and that makes the vehicle look great as well. Most of the Chevrolet Corvettes have sporty appearances to it and that is something that has remained iconic in the history of Chevrolet. The car that Chevrolet launched in 1953 was called Blue Flame but it was only in 1955 that Chevrolet brought out the small block engine and it remained popular till date.

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Published on: September 18, 2012

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