Chevrolet Brings Five Concepts to SEMA in Las Vegas

Personalization has become quite important these days for car manufacturers and therefore Chevrolet today previewed performance oriented concepts that they believe will allow them to stay in the market competition. The automaker previewed aftermarket parts and accessories of some of their popular brands like SS Sport, Impala, Sonic and Cruze. Chevrolet claims that most of the vehicles they sell out are personal cars and therefore consumers would like to personalize it in many different ways. The new performance oriented concepts will amplify Chevrolet’s heritage of performance and fun to drive spirit and allow consumers to make it personal in different ways.

SS Sport concept

The SEMA concepts also featured accessories that are designed for personalization while they maintain excellent characteristics. The concepts are engineered by General Motors engineers and therefore they offer better performance to the vehicles. Some of the accessories are being evaluated for production and will be available with Chevrolet dealers once they are evaluated. All the accessories and parts are tested and backed by Chevrolet and installed by a Chevrolet dealer while the vehicle maintains vehicle warranty. The parts are designed to improve the performance, driving experience and vehicle handling in a better way. Some of the concept features also enhance the overall styling of the vehicle.

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Published on: November 5, 2014

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