Chevrolet and 82 Years of Music

There is no doubt that Chevrolet has always provided the best driving experience to many American drivers for many decades. The company believes that music is really connected in some way with the driving experience which is why they have always incorporated the best music devices that can make the overall vehicles experience even better. Chevrolet said that they have moved from incorporating AM radio to infotainment which is the latest technology that they have in their cars.

It all started in the year 1930 when Chevrolet decided to incorporate Galvin Brothers in-car radio unit which is also the first commercial car radio installed in a car. In 1952 when Blaupunk introduced the FM radio Chevrolet decided to add that to the vehicle providing an alternative to the old AM radio. However, things changed in 1964 when cassettes changed the way people listened to music. Now, they had the choice to listen to the songs that they liked. Top companies like Alpine and Pioneer stormed the cassette player market in the 1970s. Compact discs or CDs hit the market in 1985 and Chevrolet decided to come up with the in-dash CD player for the car. In 2001 satellite radio became available in most of the Chevrolet cars. In 2007 voice activated content could be synced with iPods and cell phones. Today, Chevrolet cars have MyLink infotainment that can be integrated with smartphones to listen to any kind of content that drivers or passengers want.

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Published on: May 24, 2012

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