Celebrating 120 Years of Triumph at Mercedes-Benz

2014 marks the 120th anniversary of Mercedes-Benz, drawing the German automobile manufacturer to celebrate its 120 glorious years of motor sports and revisit its many successes in history. Set for launch in February 2014 at the brand’s stand in Retromobile, Paris, the program will run from 5th to 9th February, marked by several activities at the French soil where the brand has had its major successes.

To continue with its celebration, Mercedes-Benz will take part in selected events throughout the year that will signify its 120 years of motor sport theme in the international classic vehicle category. I am certain to see highlights from the brand’s first ever races to take place, including the Grand Prix victories of 1908, 1914 and 1954 apart from several other. Benz will also initiate its own programs to mark various major successes that it has recorded in the books of history.

Mercedes-Benz racing cars

Since its inception in 1886, Mercedes-Benz has achieved numerous victories, emerging as one of the pioneering forces in motor sports business. The brand has assisted several motorists throughout the world to allow them to break various world records and has let them achieve new and groundbreaking speed records. With the 120 years celebration, we are likely to revive our memories of these triumphant moments in the Mercedes-Benz’s eventful history.

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Published on: January 30, 2014

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